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COVID-19 and touch deprivation study

At Utrecht University we are currently running a study that investigates the effects of social distancing regulations on wellbeing and touch deprivation.

In several media this is a popular topic, see for example here. We aim to add insights from science to what is being said and written.

If you have 15 minutes to spare please participate here!

Sharing the link to the study is much appreciated, it is available in English, Dutch, German and Italian:

New paper on ASMR and eye tracking out

On the verge of 2019 our paper on eye tracking and ASMR was published in Plos One.

You can read it here

In this paper we show that individuals who have ASMR experiences show a change in pupil size while watching ASMR movie clips, this change in pupil size was not found in participants who did not report ASMR experiences. This study adds nicely to the growing body of literature on physical changes associated with ASMR