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Paper out on a new treatment for body image in anorexia

Together with psychomotor therapist José Bonekamp and PhD student Manja Engel I have been working on a novel intervention for body image in anorexia for a few years. We have developed a “hoop training” in which the focus is on giving patients direct feedback on their body size in multiple modalities. The first paper on this training has been published last week in Eating and Weight Disorders.

You can read it here.

New paper on body illusions

Kayla just published a new paper in Neuropsychologia in which she decribes that participants experience bodily illusion for the upper body just as strong as for the lower body. Interestingly there was a relation between sensory suggestibility and strenght of the illusion.

You can find the paper here.

Paper out on children’s friendship with a robot

The PAL project for children with diabetes type I focuses on developing a tool to promote self-management of the children with respect to their illness. Specifically work has been done to create a tool that integrates interaction with a physical robot as well as its virtual counterpart.

I was involved in an experiment investigating whether or not children with diabetes type I developed feelings of friendship towards the physical robot, whether these feelings transferred to the virtual avatar of the robot, and how this affected motivation to use the self-management tool. The results showed that it was essential that children perceived the physical robot and avatar as the same entity in order for feeling of friendship to be transferred from one entity to the other. In addition level of friendship predicted motivation to use the tool.

You can read about this publication in more detail here.

New paper on the Rubber Hand Illusion

Over the past years several studies emerged in the literature showing that after inducing the Rubber Hand Illusion, the illusion-limb shows a drop in temperature. At the Dijkermanlab we have attempted to replicate this effect several times of the past years, but had difficulty identifying it. With Alyanne de Haan taking the lead, our (null) findings are now bundled in a paper (No consistent cooling of the real hand in the rubber hand illusion) which is published in Acta Psychologica. You can read it here.